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Interview with the CEO of Boldandko: Redefining Kids’ Athleisure with Purpose


Our focus on exceptional quality, bold designs, and commitment to sustainability sets us apart in a market dominated by fast fashion. We prioritize durability and comfort while offering stylish options that empower children to express their individuality with confidence.

1. Can you tell us about Boldandko’s unique positioning in the competitive kids’ athleisure market?

Boldandko stands out by seamlessly blending daily athleisure simplicity with functional, uniquely designed pieces that cater to the active lifestyles of children. Our focus on exceptional quality, bold designs, and commitment to sustainability sets us apart in a market dominated by fast fashion. We prioritize durability and comfort while offering stylish options that empower children to express their individuality with confidence.

2. How does Boldandko leverage Indonesian manufacturing expertise to enhance product quality?

Indonesia boasts a rich heritage of craftsmanship and textile expertise, which we harness to ensure every Boldandko product meets our stringent quality standards. By partnering with skilled artisans and manufacturers in Indonesia, we not only uphold superior craftsmanship but also support local communities, contributing to sustainable economic development.

3. Could you explain how Boldandko embodies the principles of slow fashion in its product development?

At Boldandko, slow fashion is more than a trend; it’s a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We prioritize quality over quantity, designing timeless pieces that withstand trends and seasons. By fostering a slower production cycle, we reduce waste and environmental impact while offering customers durable, long-lasting athleisure wear that transcends fleeting fashion trends.

4. How does Boldandko’s ‘give back on each sale’ initiative contribute to its brand ethos?

Our ‘give back on each sale’ initiative reflects our core values of social responsibility and community empowerment. With every purchase, a portion of proceeds goes towards supporting underprivileged children with educational resources and opportunities. This initiative not only enriches the lives of children but also fosters a sense of purpose and goodwill among our customers, making every purchase meaningful.

5. What strategies does Boldandko employ to expand into seven new markets within two years?

Boldandko’s expansion strategy revolves around meticulous market research and strategic partnerships. We identify markets with a strong demand for quality children’s athleisure wear and tailor our approach to meet local preferences and consumer behaviors. By leveraging digital marketing, e-commerce platforms, and localized marketing campaigns, we aim to establish a strong foothold in each new market while maintaining our brand’s integrity and core values.

6. How does Boldandko ensure quality consistency across its product range, especially compared to established global brands like Nike in athleisure shoes?

Boldandko maintains rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, leveraging Indonesian craftsmanship and expertise. We prioritize using premium materials sourced responsibly, ensuring each piece meets our high standards for durability, comfort, and performance. Our commitment to quality excellence positions us competitively alongside renowned global brands like Nike, resonating with discerning parents who prioritize value and longevity in children’s athleisure wear.

7. What opportunities does Boldandko see in the premium kids’ fashion market in Dubai, known for its affluent consumer base and diverse fashion preferences?

Dubai presents a dynamic market for premium kids’ fashion, characterized by a discerning consumer base that values luxury, quality, and exclusivity. Boldandko aims to capitalize on this demand by offering sophisticated yet functional athleisure wear tailored to the region’s climate and cultural influences. Through strategic partnerships and localized marketing efforts, we seek to establish Boldandko as a preferred choice among fashion-forward families seeking premium, versatile clothing options for their children.

8. Indonesia’s manufacturing expertise is renowned globally. How does Boldandko leverage this advantage to differentiate itself in the international market for children’s athleisure?

Indonesia’s rich textile heritage and skilled workforce are integral to Boldandko’s brand identity and product offering. By partnering with local artisans and manufacturers, we harness centuries-old craftsmanship to deliver superior quality and intricate design details in every garment. This unique blend of Indonesian manufacturing expertise not only enhances product authenticity but also underscores our commitment to supporting sustainable practices and community empowerment.

9. Could you elaborate on Boldandko’s approach to targeting the premium segment of the kids’ fashion market, balancing affordability with exclusivity and quality?

Boldandko’s strategy in the premium segment revolves around offering exceptional value through meticulous design, premium materials, and timeless aesthetics. We understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality or exclusivity. By maintaining a direct-to-consumer model and strategic pricing, we ensure our products remain accessible to discerning parents seeking upscale fashion solutions for their children while delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and style.

10. How does Boldandko plan to navigate cultural nuances and consumer preferences across seven diverse international markets within two years, ensuring brand consistency and relevance?

Boldandko approaches international expansion with a deep understanding of cultural nuances and local market dynamics. Through comprehensive market research and adaptive strategies, we tailor our product offerings and marketing initiatives to resonate with each region’s unique preferences and consumer behaviors. By fostering localized partnerships and engaging directly with local communities, we aim to cultivate brand loyalty and establish Boldandko as a trusted choice for premium children’s athleisure worldwide.

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