BK Velocity TurboX 99 Series Phantom in Black
BK Velocity TurboX 99 Series Phantom in Black

BK Velocity TurboX 99 Series Phantom in Black

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Introducing BK Velocity TurboX untra 99 Series Phantom Athleisure trainers – a harmonious fusion of athleisure footwear and running shoes that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge materials to provide unparalleled breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Ensure your child’s feet stay dry and comfortable, even during the most rigorous physical activities, thanks to efficient sweat management and optimal ventilation. Our versatile shoes are meticulously designed for every occasion, seamlessly blending movement, style, and durability. Expertly crafted with waterproof canvas and equipped with anti-slip features, these shoes guarantee safety and comfort during those energetic play sessions. Introduce your child to the BK Featherlight 99 Phantom Series – where innovation meets style for every adventure.


  • Material upper: Exo Skin- Breathable & moisture wicking Exo skin technology.
  • Material Midsole: Eva midsole, Ziptech technology -for double coushining trampoline effect Light and softer ride in the mid foot and fore foot stride
  • Material Sol: Soft Ride- HDR Carbon Rubber for anti slip around high wear areas.

Product USP:

  • Durability/Engineered for Longevity: Elevate durability by strategically incorporating carbon rubber into the heel of the outsole, specifically crafted for areas prone to high wear.
  • Optimized Comfort: Embark on a journey of ultimate performance with our dual cushioning system, emulating the resilience of a trampoline to efficiently release absorbed energy.
  • Featherlight cutting edge Design: Delight in a ride that is both lighter and softer, courtesy of a forefoot area meticulously fashioned from a specially injected midsole EVA compound, promoting enhanced lightweight flexibility.
  • Breathability at Its Peak: Swiftly transmit water vapor through the material, significantly enhancing heat absorption. The harness construction ensures continuous foot moisture management for a consistently dry and comfortable experience.
  • Dynamic Comfort Technology: Our shoes feature advanced cushioning and support, delivering unparalleled comfort during every stride. Whether you’re hitting the gym, running on the track, or conquering the court, experience a new level of comfort that keeps you focused on your goals.

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